What we do?

Achari Foundation is a society registered in Telangana and is an independent organization founded primarily to support the social responsibility initiatives in the society. The major aim and objective is to improve and empower the lives of people especially from the economically and socially deprived classes.

Social Causes

Social Causes have been the major service initiative at Achari Foundation. The legacy of social causes has been graciously carried forward by the next generation of Late Annabhimoju Madana Chary (aka ACHARI), who is seen as a philanthropist in his own right and is remembered for his significant contribution towards the society and environment.

Some of the initiatives of social causes which are being carried out by the foundation are:

Go Green

Go Green is a concept adopted by Achari Foundation since its inception. The Association aims to propagate and practice a sustainable way of life in order to prevent environmental degradation and also to protect the earth from pollution.

The Association aims to promote the planting of saplings in our country and preserve the trees and plants that are native to our land. The Association will  also conduct awareness drives to encourage people to grow plants so that they contribute significantly to nature and offset their carbon footprint. Above all, it persuades the need to bring about the preservation and conservation of the natural resources which are available to us, the foundation has been striving hard to also protect the habitats and entire biodiversity through their Go Green concept.

Avoid Plastic

The dependency on plastic and plastic products has been growing strong year after year. As a product, plastic is lightweight, flexible, durable and also relatively inexpensive. As plastic is durable, it becomes very difficult for the earth to decompose it. Plastic wastes have eventually contributed to the degradation in the environment. We are yet to find a permanent solution to this problem. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.  

In the current context, the situation of plastic waste is getting direr, but there are a few immediate remedies which can bring about a change in the environment. Achari Foundation has taken initiative towards reducing the use of plastic products in day-to-day lives and has also initiated the removal of plastic waste from the environment in the cities and villages of our country.

Save Water

Needless to mention that, earth is the only planet in the universe where life and other life-forms exist together and this has been made possible because of the availability of both water and oxygen. Water is considered to be the most important constituent of life and becomes the most essential component for the living beings to exist and it is well known that no one could exist without it even for a day.

It is very important to conserve this precious resource. However, we are still continuing to contaminate the existing water resources by subjecting it to toxic chemicals and other wastes.

‘Achari Foundation’ has taken initiative in many ways to save water and minimize water pollution. We advocate the need to do proper treatment of industrial water before dumping the hazardous wastes into water resources such as rivers, lakes etc so that the environment remains safe for human habitation.