Our Strength

“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.”

Spoken by Greek philosopher Aristotle over 2300 years ago, one of the most ancient quotes about volunteering offers proof that giving back to society is hardly a new concept.

ACHARI FOUNDATION has a number of unique and challenging volunteer programmes. Whether your passion is sustainable community development or vital educational work or social causes, we can offer you an unforgettable experience.

Whichever programme you choose you will be benefiting from ACHARI FOUNDATION’s extensive experience with each programme led by an award-winning team of project coordinators. No particular skills are required to volunteer short-term with us and guidance is given, but if you do have particular experience in areas relevant to your programme, all the better!

Volunteering with us could help you choose a new direction in life or develop a career path you may already be on. It might be both a personal highlight and a practical stepping stone in a gap year or, for anyone at any time, a great way to go country side for much more than just a holiday.